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Before the advent of 20th Century, all art was Representational in character, which meant that art contained forms from nature and life. However, as the
20th Century started unfolding, Western art, probably unprepared for the changes to come, feebly witnessed an onslaught of anti-tradition and anti-beauty forces of what was the 20th Century Modernism in Art. However, traditional painters soon realized that the only way to counter possible ill effects of the tradition-less and ugly modernism was to gather under the banner of 'Representational Painting'. During the 20th century, Representational Painting flourished with great gusto, enthusiasm and innovativeness throughout the developed world. Representational Painting meant a continuation of the Pictorial Tradition with all its refreshing fragrance that provided ample scope for genuine individual pictorial styles of the painters. The styles of Representational painters were products of a certain thinking where drawing and painting meant Visual Music, because like in music, Representational Painting stood for the union of Form and Content; which meant a certain arrangement of recognizable forms in the pictorial space that expresses abstract content. That is why in a Representational work of art, the subject of a painting was inseparable from the mode and effect of the painting. It was no wonder then that Representational Painting proved to be a riddle-free visual experience that shunned ugly absurdities while celebrating light, color, and forms from the nature and life. On one hand it was a celebration of drawing and on the other, that of design-composition and color.

The Present show, aptly titled 'Sagun-Nirgun', reflects the true spirit behind the world of REPRESENTATIONAL ART that represents the inseparable union of the 'form and content'. It represents the union of the subject and the mode of painting with a contemporary fervor. The fact that 25 young and talented young artists from Maharashtra have come together to offer this show, is like the sight of an oasis in the wilderness of tradition-less and anti-chaste contemporary art today.

-Ravi Paranjape

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My new work for the exhibition - Beckoning Hues, Pastel on Paper (22" x 30")

I am pleased to inform you that eminent artist Shri. Ravi Paranjape is turning 74 on 8th October 2009. To honour & celebrate the occasion, Shri. Ravi Paranjape Amrut Mahotsav Samiti has been formed. Main objective of the Samiti will be to honour Shri. Paranjape and to promote Representational Art. To mark the beginning of year-long activities commemorating Shri. Paranjape’s Platinum birth anniversary, we have organized an art exhibition featuring the works of twenty-six contemporary representational artists from all over Maharashtra. This show will be held at Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune from 10th October 2009 to 13th October 2009.

Rural Glimpses of the Blue City(Jodhpur)

Rural Glimpses of the Blue City(Jodhpur)
Oil Painting

Rustic Royalty

Rustic Royalty
Pastel on Paper